Sleeping positions you need to try

While you may not think much about the way that you sleep when it comes down to getting some rest, it may be worth giving some thought as to the position you adopt that you comfortably sleep in – as research and discussion has found that some sleeping positions are considerably healthier or more beneficial for your body long-term than you may think! For example, sleeping on your front may be considered harmful to both your back and your organs – whereas other arrangements are more likely to support you comfortably and naturally. While the best position for you will naturally be whichever arrangement you find the most comfortable long term, if you are concerned about preserving your joints and muscles as much as you can, it may be time to start considering what a healthier alternative could be to your default sleeping position. While it is likely that you may fall into one of the below positions naturally, it makes for some interesting reading from any perspective!

Side Sleeping

sleeping ladyLeft or right, up or down, diagonally – no matter how you sleep on your side, if this is natural for you, you fall into one of the more common groups of sleepers worldwide. While this is a fairly well-practiced position, there are schools of thought out on whether or not it is the healthiest – but as research stands, it is ideal for people such as pregnant women who need to keep weight off of their back and neck as much as possible during the night. It is also said to help aid digestive problems such as acid reflux and heartburn, making it a viable option if you are likely to suffer from late-night aggravation to your oesophagus. Side sleeping can also be referred to as ‘foetal’, as it can mimic how babies appear in the womb. Many people who sleep on their sides find doing so preferential to sleeping on their backs for comfort reasons, and for matters relating to sleep apnea or other conditions that could make it painful or aggravating.

Back Sleeping

Back sleeping, providing that it is healthy for you to do so personally, is widely regarded as one of the most natural ways to sleep – after all, you are laid wide open without scrunching your body up or putting any pressure on your bones or organs. Sleeping your back really makes sure that you get the most out of your mattress, too – it’s built to support your back and neck as opposed to your side or front, and therefore you can always be assured of a safe, comfortable and refreshing night’s sleep. Sleeping on your back feels natural to many people, and while it may not be physically possible for some to adopt the position – such as pregnant women – it is advisable that you consult a chiropractor or general practitioner if you feel you may be taking a risk by sleeping in such a manner long term. The chances are, unless you suffer from conditions that prevent you from doing so, you will likely find it comforting in the long term.

The best sleeping position for you depends entirely upon what you find comfortable and convenient – and in the first event of making considered changes to your sleeping position or arrangement, there is always the option to consult an experienced chiropractor to make sure that you are physically ready to take on such a change! For a friendly and experienced chiropractor that can talk through the merits of sleeping positions with you in further detail, call The Didcot Chiropractic Clinic  today on 01235 510097 or email via our web form – and we will be happy to arrange a consultation with you at your convenience!

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