Why you get back pain when you are expecting

Having a child can be a wonderful experience – and while it can be an anxious nine months for any parents-to-be, pregnancy can also be an enjoyable time. Unfortunately, all pregnancies are going to come with their fair share of side effects, including swollen feet and ankles, weight gain and regular pain – the good news is that it is all considered completely natural, but at the same time, there are a number of ways in which pregnancy pain can be combatted or alleviated at least short-term.

Symptoms and Causes

pregnant women with her hands on her stomachLower back pain is particularly common in expectant mothers for a number of reasons. During pregnancy, your body is going to have to adapt hugely to cope with the addition of a growing child within your uterus – meaning that ligaments and muscles are going to need to adapt and move aside, and particular pressure is going to be placed upon your pelvis. Doing regular activities may also become difficult or even painful – and not only because you will have a bump in the way! Pregnancy can be fatiguing to many women, but there’s no reason as to why pain and stress should be a regular facet of life during the nine months. By consulting with a professional and licensed chiropractor, or practising massage or home remedies, it is likely that you will breeze through the final months of your pregnancy.

Common activities such as carrying objects, bending and twisting are all likely to become difficult as your belly gets bigger – and the bigger your belly gets, the more pressure is placed upon your body. Your back is likely to feel this more than many other areas of your body as it is responsible for supporting you and keeping you upright as well as supporting your baby – and as months go by, you’re both going to be putting on weight, meaning that you may experience more aggravation in the final weeks than in any other. It’s a fact of pregnancy – but why should your back have to suffer?

Simple Solutions

Massage and maternity aids such as cushions and supports are always recommended to expectant mothers who are experiencing more than their fair share of back pain during gestation – and a professional, licensed chiropractor will also be able to analyse the best possible options for your body in helping to relieve some of the pressure and the stress that your back may be under. It is also always recommended to rest as much as you possibly can – as any sudden movements may cause unnecessary pain not only in your back but elsewhere.

If you’re pregnant and are concerned about regular back pain, whether it be dull or particularly aggravating, our team of experts here at The Didcot Chiropractic Clinic can help. Simply contact us today on 01235 510097 or drop us an email and we will be happy to consult with you one-on-one as to how we can help make your pregnancy a happy, healthy and as pain-free and experience as we possibly can.

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