What’s really causing your back pain?

Back pain, unfortunately, comes in all shapes and sizes and can occur to all manner of people from all walks of life.  It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a catch-all solution to every pain in the back.  There are, however, a select number of conditions and causes that may well point towards the reason(s) as to why you are finding your back straining on a regular basis – and sometimes, the reasons can point away from your back altogether!

Back Strain leading to back painBack pain and strain

Common pain in younger people and those that work in physical labour is very likely to be attributed to problems related to posture and improper form when lifting and carrying heavy objects.  If this sounds like something that you carry out on a daily basis, it is always important to learn and observe the basics of lifting and handling processes to avoid both long and short term pains in the back.

Downward Tilting

The world is evolving to the point where many of us find ourselves glued to our smartphones and tablets on a regular basis!  While health and safety procedures are in place at all legitimate businesses and corporations the world over when it comes to using a PC for long periods of time, the ‘smartphone neck’ is a relatively new phenomenon – meaning that if you spend a fair amount of your day craning and poring over your social media or text messages, you’re likely to be contributing heavily to both a stiff neck and considerable lower pain in the back both short and long term.  This type of downward tilt may even lead to spinal misalignment or problems that could prevent you from carrying out work or other activities without considerable back strain.


A misaligning of hips can occur if you are experiencing lower back pain as a resulting carrying a heavy object or two regularly on one particular shoulder or arm, or side of the body.  This can also occur as a result of weak muscles in your lower back, core or pelvis, or can even happen as a result of improper footwear.  In any case, physiotherapy and a change of footwear to balance your walk can be of huge benefit.


Believe it or not, even by doing absolutely nothing, you’re running the risk of causing yourself considerable pain in the back.  By sitting for long periods at a desk or in a position by which you are slouching or not moving, you are running the risk of spine compression – this, and any associated pain, can be remedied with regular exercise and movement, ergonomic or specifically-designed seating or equipment, and proper form when using PCs or desk equipment for prolonged periods.

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