Posture in the workplace

Common pain areas InfographicIt’s likely that you’ve been told many times about the importance of posture – but how many of us genuinely practice good posture proactively? Keeping good posture is extremely important for neck, back and spinal health. There are a particular number of circumstances where keeping your posture in check will ensure that you could avoid a fair amount of back strain and associated problems later on in life. Perhaps the most common cause of back and neck straining as a result of posture problems can be related back to the workplace – whether you work at a desk, or whether you lift heavy objects, keeping healthy form, posture and positioning while you carry our your work is beneficial only to yourself. If you’re not already keeping an eye on your own posture, it may be time for you to really start considering the way you sit and the way you work.

Identify the Problem

Office work often requires you to sit and stare at a computer screen for extensive periods of time – maybe even for the entirety of a work day. Slouching or bunching yourself up is going to hurt short-term as well as contributing to problems long-term. Eye strain is also a common factor of pain and difficulty for many people while working at desk level – meaning that it is always worthwhile to ensure that your computer screen is at eye level and that you are positioned sitting up straight and comfortably.

Your legs, arms, back, neck and feet are all affected greatly by the posture habits you adopt at work. It can be tricky to begin with to train yourself to take on good posture and form naturally, making it all the more worthwhile looking into lumbar support and even consulting your employer’s handbook for further advice. It’s quite usual for a reputable and responsible employer to introduce training modules on posture and form in the workplace, particularly as it impacts heavily upon the health and safety components that all employers need to adhere to legally.

Fix the Problem

A good licensed chiropractor will always be able to offer any advice that you need on adopting the right posture and caring for your body while at work – the general rule of thumb is, of course, not to slouch and to ensure that you are always in an upright but comfortable sitting position. If you are concerned about your posture and the effects it may have on your work and body, it is always worthwhile consulting your health and safety advice while on work premises or consulting a trustworthy chiropractor to learn more.

For more information and support on how to alter your working posture for the better, Contact us at Didcot Chiropractic Clinic today on 01235 510097 – and we will always be happy to fill in any blanks you may be experiencing regarding your posture and health.

Why you get back pain when you are expecting

Having a child can be a wonderful experience – and while it can be an anxious nine months for any parents-to-be, pregnancy can also be an enjoyable time. Unfortunately, all pregnancies are going to come with their fair share of side effects, including swollen feet and ankles, weight gain and regular pain – the good news is that it is all considered completely natural, but at the same time, there are a number of ways in which pregnancy pain can be combatted or alleviated at least short-term.

Symptoms and Causes

pregnant women with her hands on her stomachLower back pain is particularly common in expectant mothers for a number of reasons. During pregnancy, your body is going to have to adapt hugely to cope with the addition of a growing child within your uterus – meaning that ligaments and muscles are going to need to adapt and move aside, and particular pressure is going to be placed upon your pelvis. Doing regular activities may also become difficult or even painful – and not only because you will have a bump in the way! Pregnancy can be fatiguing to many women, but there’s no reason as to why pain and stress should be a regular facet of life during the nine months. By consulting with a professional and licensed chiropractor, or practising massage or home remedies, it is likely that you will breeze through the final months of your pregnancy.

Common activities such as carrying objects, bending and twisting are all likely to become difficult as your belly gets bigger – and the bigger your belly gets, the more pressure is placed upon your body. Your back is likely to feel this more than many other areas of your body as it is responsible for supporting you and keeping you upright as well as supporting your baby – and as months go by, you’re both going to be putting on weight, meaning that you may experience more aggravation in the final weeks than in any other. It’s a fact of pregnancy – but why should your back have to suffer?

Simple Solutions

Massage and maternity aids such as cushions and supports are always recommended to expectant mothers who are experiencing more than their fair share of back pain during gestation – and a professional, licensed chiropractor will also be able to analyse the best possible options for your body in helping to relieve some of the pressure and the stress that your back may be under. It is also always recommended to rest as much as you possibly can – as any sudden movements may cause unnecessary pain not only in your back but elsewhere.

If you’re pregnant and are concerned about regular back pain, whether it be dull or particularly aggravating, our team of experts here at The Didcot Chiropractic Clinic can help. Simply contact us today on 01235 510097 or drop us an email and we will be happy to consult with you one-on-one as to how we can help make your pregnancy a happy, healthy and as pain-free and experience as we possibly can.

Sleeping positions you need to try

While you may not think much about the way that you sleep when it comes down to getting some rest, it may be worth giving some thought as to the position you adopt that you comfortably sleep in – as research and discussion has found that some sleeping positions are considerably healthier or more beneficial for your body long-term than you may think! For example, sleeping on your front may be considered harmful to both your back and your organs – whereas other arrangements are more likely to support you comfortably and naturally. While the best position for you will naturally be whichever arrangement you find the most comfortable long term, if you are concerned about preserving your joints and muscles as much as you can, it may be time to start considering what a healthier alternative could be to your default sleeping position. While it is likely that you may fall into one of the below positions naturally, it makes for some interesting reading from any perspective!

Side Sleeping

sleeping ladyLeft or right, up or down, diagonally – no matter how you sleep on your side, if this is natural for you, you fall into one of the more common groups of sleepers worldwide. While this is a fairly well-practiced position, there are schools of thought out on whether or not it is the healthiest – but as research stands, it is ideal for people such as pregnant women who need to keep weight off of their back and neck as much as possible during the night. It is also said to help aid digestive problems such as acid reflux and heartburn, making it a viable option if you are likely to suffer from late-night aggravation to your oesophagus. Side sleeping can also be referred to as ‘foetal’, as it can mimic how babies appear in the womb. Many people who sleep on their sides find doing so preferential to sleeping on their backs for comfort reasons, and for matters relating to sleep apnea or other conditions that could make it painful or aggravating.

Back Sleeping

Back sleeping, providing that it is healthy for you to do so personally, is widely regarded as one of the most natural ways to sleep – after all, you are laid wide open without scrunching your body up or putting any pressure on your bones or organs. Sleeping your back really makes sure that you get the most out of your mattress, too – it’s built to support your back and neck as opposed to your side or front, and therefore you can always be assured of a safe, comfortable and refreshing night’s sleep. Sleeping on your back feels natural to many people, and while it may not be physically possible for some to adopt the position – such as pregnant women – it is advisable that you consult a chiropractor or general practitioner if you feel you may be taking a risk by sleeping in such a manner long term. The chances are, unless you suffer from conditions that prevent you from doing so, you will likely find it comforting in the long term.

The best sleeping position for you depends entirely upon what you find comfortable and convenient – and in the first event of making considered changes to your sleeping position or arrangement, there is always the option to consult an experienced chiropractor to make sure that you are physically ready to take on such a change! For a friendly and experienced chiropractor that can talk through the merits of sleeping positions with you in further detail, call The Didcot Chiropractic Clinic  today on 01235 510097 or email via our web form – and we will be happy to arrange a consultation with you at your convenience!

Stay active with these top tips

a day at the courtsIt may be easy for us to stay active during the warmer months of the year, but there comes a time when inspiration and motivation can wane.  Therefore, why not reinvigorate your exercise regimen and start thinking outside of the box?  Here are a few fantastic tips anyone can use to get inspired to get active all year round.

Get fit with friends and family

Exercising socially is a great way to ensure that people stay motivated and inspired – it’s extremely hard to go it alone!  Whether you plan a regular family activity, get new friends into sports or regular jogs, or even go looking for new friends at clubs and groups, you’ll be surprised as to how beneficial social exercising can be!

Enjoy your exercise routine

If you don’t enjoy what you do, why do it?  Exercise can be difficult for many people to stay on top of as it often requires patience and constant motivation – so why not make things even easier and seek out activities that you’re sure to enjoy regularly?  Keeping it varied never hurt, either!

Your local area is full of opportunities

Whether you live in a village, a town or even a city, it’s highly likely that there will be local clubs or groups hosting dance, yoga or martial arts classes that can inspire you to get active whatever the weather.  This is not only a great way to get social with exercising, but it also takes you a little out of your comfort zone!

Plan ahead!

By planning, we mean be wary of all possible factors that may impede your exercise – weather is a major culprit, meaning that it will be worthwhile to ensure that you have a clement outlook before putting on your workout gear.  It’s also a great idea to know your body’s limits, your local area and your own budget before you go committing to any long term plans.

Exercising at home

Exercising at home has never been simpler, and it’s a great option to take if your routine or flexibility doesn’t allow you to get out and about as much as you’d like.  Why not invest in affordable home workout equipment, or simply put more energy into your housework?  Being at home doesn’t have to mean that you be a couch potato!

Go wild!

Why not take the opportunity to try something completely new – if you’re overhauling your exercise regime, it may be worthwhile considering taking on a new sport, trying new classes, or jogging or running new routes – variety is the spice of life, as they say!

Think active

Finally, taking on new activities and sports is a great idea, but it may be even easier or more beneficial for you if you try and energise yourself in your everyday life ahead of trying anything new!  Why not walk instead of driving?  Why not take up cycling to work?  Even if little changes are all you can make, they are worth making!

For more support on how to keep active all year round, call us at The Didcot Chiropractic Clinic today on 01235 510097 – and we will be happy to hear from you!

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