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Common pain areas InfographicIt’s likely that you’ve been told many times about the importance of posture – but how many of us genuinely practice good posture proactively? Keeping good posture is extremely important for neck, back and spinal health. There are a particular number of circumstances where keeping your posture in check will ensure that you could avoid a fair amount of back strain and associated problems later on in life. Perhaps the most common cause of back and neck straining as a result of posture problems can be related back to the workplace – whether you work at a desk, or whether you lift heavy objects, keeping healthy form, posture and positioning while you carry our your work is beneficial only to yourself. If you’re not already keeping an eye on your own posture, it may be time for you to really start considering the way you sit and the way you work.

Identify the Problem

Office work often requires you to sit and stare at a computer screen for extensive periods of time – maybe even for the entirety of a work day. Slouching or bunching yourself up is going to hurt short-term as well as contributing to problems long-term. Eye strain is also a common factor of pain and difficulty for many people while working at desk level – meaning that it is always worthwhile to ensure that your computer screen is at eye level and that you are positioned sitting up straight and comfortably.

Your legs, arms, back, neck and feet are all affected greatly by the posture habits you adopt at work. It can be tricky to begin with to train yourself to take on good posture and form naturally, making it all the more worthwhile looking into lumbar support and even consulting your employer’s handbook for further advice. It’s quite usual for a reputable and responsible employer to introduce training modules on posture and form in the workplace, particularly as it impacts heavily upon the health and safety components that all employers need to adhere to legally.

Fix the Problem

A good licensed chiropractor will always be able to offer any advice that you need on adopting the right posture and caring for your body while at work – the general rule of thumb is, of course, not to slouch and to ensure that you are always in an upright but comfortable sitting position. If you are concerned about your posture and the effects it may have on your work and body, it is always worthwhile consulting your health and safety advice while on work premises or consulting a trustworthy chiropractor to learn more.

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