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Professional cycling or cycling for sport carries an immense amount of strain on a whole host of muscles – meaning that if you want to compete at the Tour De France, never mind to do well, you’ll not only need to be physically fit and mentally prepared for over 2000 miles of pedalling in total, but you’ll also need to understand the importance of chiropractic treatment when it comes to regularly taking to the bicycle.  Even if you cycle for a hobby or as part of a local team, it’s important to understand just why and how chiropractic services can help prepare your body for a two-wheeled marathon, not just to provide pain relief.Cycling professional

Spinal pressure is a huge factor in cycling as riders will position themselves in such a way that they are continually bent over handlebars – which would, in time, create an immense amount of stress and pressure on inter-vertebral discs, and the back in general.  In a similar sense to how sitting in one position for too long can cause undue back complaints, cycling not only strains the legs and tests the body physically, but also provides the back in general with a host of physical stretches and strains that many cyclists, professional or otherwise, would do well consulting chiropractic care for ahead of any major events or journeys.

While nerves can be irritated greatly by perpetual cycling, disc movement can in fact cancel out any major problems that may occur in the lower back.  In fact, it’s reported that cyclists complain of lower back pain less than the general population – indicating that there is clearly something about what they do regularly that prevents such issues from reoccurring.  However, with regular cycling can come underlying disc problems, meaning that it is imperative to arrange for pre-consultation with chiropractic care well ahead of any major races or journeys.

Essential Chiropractor support

Professional cyclists, particularly those that attend intense, high profile and lengthy skirmishes such as the Tour De France, will always ensure that they have relevant chiropractic care and support ahead of undertaking any races – and it is commonplace for a chiropractor to in fact have a place on the team.  This is so that they can fine-tune and prepare their bodies for the strenuous and often straining exercise that lies ahead of them, making chiropractic support all the more essential for when it comes to getting to the goal in one piece.

There are many injuries and strains that unfortunately come as standard with cycling long journeys and strenuous races – and it’s therefore important to keep a close eye out for them, or even better, to consider approaching and consulting a chiropractor specialist that can prepare you for any long-term rides or exercise that you may be set to experience.

For chiropractic support and help ahead of any cycling, whether it be racing, or long journeys, simply contact Didcot Chiropractic Clinic today and we will be happy to arrange a pre-cycling consultation or chiropractic plan with you.  Call 01235 510097 today and we will be happy to see you as and when is convenient for you!

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